This really is most likely an excessively simple question, but I've got a blog Creating Wealth From Birth which i have lately setup with I have installed a Woothemes template that has a choice to create a featured image for any publish, greatly regular. However, I must take away the featured image around the home page feed since it rests on the top from the publish title and isn't the right resolution.

I must keep your featured image everywhere however the home page feed, but I am unsure if or what to do in to the php files to change this. Can there be any guideline how you can change this, or what file it may be entitled under?

Thanks a lot, and when there's every other information that you need from me tell me.



I am unsure how experienced you're with PHP or Wordpress modification so tell me if you want more assistance. You need to enter in the Appearance -> Editor section in Wordpress and search for the Header or Primary Index Template file (however, your theme works). Within there must be the PHP code that determines what logo design, if any, you occur your WooThemes options. You need to just remove or comment out that section, and hang in the logo design beneath your own styling. Maybe produce a "div" and employ "img src" to show your image there. Tell me in the event that helps!