I am managing a WordPress site http://egeszsegakademia.org (Hungarian)

After I click on the "Like" button embedded into my posts, it appears very strange on my small Facebook wall (with filled with special figures like '?' or '©' and so forth). Exactly the same factor occurs when I directly share the hyperlink of my publish on my small Facebook wall.

I'd sought out the answer with the web and that i did everything recommended e.a. transforming my theme's php files to UTF8 (- without BOM) with Notepad++, used "Convert Wordpress Database to UTF-8" wordpress plugin to transform the whole content of my DB tables with no success.

Facebook debug shows some errors but I'm not sure how you can fix them:


Are these errors in a position to cause my character encoding problem while posting on Facebook wall?

Can anybody assist me to?

when viewing supply of your url, it appears there is a special character within the og:description that does not even Opera browser can determine and shows like a back gemstone having a whitened question mark within it. It is simply following the Å part.