I'm building an internet site focusing on customers in Europe, South Usa and Asia. We plan to utilize a global CDN like Amazon's for static files. However, the Content management systems itself can't be easily load-balanced therefore we have one central web server.

It is always good if Pingdom, Site24x7 varieties offered such tests, but AFAIK they do not. What's a great way to see if our server utilizes customers in China, India or South america?

Do not suggest utilizing a proxy servers provider, we use that for other activities but they're frequently hard to rely on for ...reliability tests.


I discovered an answer.

  1. Produce a page around 2MB. You can relabel some DSC00123.Digital to index.html. Add the correct «html» header and shutting. You might want to wrap the entire body in «CDATA».

  2. Save the fake index.html page at the bottom of the site.

  3. Create a merchant account on the monitoring site, like Site24x7. Add your website.

  4. Around the monitoring site, check all of the locations you want to ensure from. Define a frequency like all minute. Look into the advanced configurations make it possible for alerts for slow loading pages. Set your limit to ten seconds.

  5. The website will report the loading time for that "webpageInch from each location.

  6. Be blown away the way your 2MB page located in Germany loads in 44 seconds from Singapore.