Hi I access row object through Zend_Db_Table like

$id = $_GET['id'];
$userTb = new Model_DbTable_Users(); //Here Model_DbTable_Users is subclass of Zend_Db_Table
$user = $userTb->find($id)->current();

Now how do i check using $user row object that whether $id applies or otherwise like let's say that 'id' doesn't appear in database. Earlier I did previously do

if($user->find($id)->count() > 0 )
//id is valid so 
$user = $user->find($id)->current();

clearly by doing this is lengthy I want short method of doing exactly the same .

If you will find no rows within the rowset, current() returns null:

$user = $userTb->find($id)->current();
if ($user) {
    // $user is a valid row
else {
    // no rows found