I am focusing on a Codeigniter application that may be utilized via Mobile phones. The truth is that, a minimum of for my company, the applying will not load due to a "server" error (based on a 5. Rim Browser, Publish data sent too large or GET data received too large, along with a 6. Rim Browser, "The asked for URL couldn't be retrieved - sorry, the file you are attempting to upload or download is simply too large"). The strange factor is the fact that, when attached to a Wi-fi compatability network, the website begins working again perfectly.

I'm wondering basically could mesure the PHP Publish data sent and received in Megabytes / KB, in order to slim it lower around I'm able to.

I'm not sure if this sounds like a Codeigniter problem, or perhaps a company problem, or both, since the error seems only if I pass data through the URL. For instance

example.com/codeigniter/primary - OK example.com/codeigniter/primary/publish/131 - boom, dead.

Being "codeigniter/" the applying, "primary/" the controller, "publish/" the technique and 131 the worthiness.

I am using Codeigniter Reactor 2..1, BTW.

If you're attempting to measure how big the request, the $_SERVER superglobal includes a property with this.

  $size = (int)$_SERVER['CONTENT_LENGTH'];

Submit your publish for an endpoint with this particular code and echo it's value.

This can assign the need for this content-length HTTP header to $size when the request was sent through the Publish method.