I've domain world wide web.mysite.com and subdomain api1.mysite.com. There (in domain) are some folders and folder "images". There is also a folder known as api1 that is subdomain's folder. Things I can't determine, is how you can locate from subdomain a domian's folder "images" and upload files there or see if they exist. I am using php. e.g.

this lines are situated within the files in subdomain folder and "images" folder is a gain levels - in domain folder.

$dir_img_small = file_is available('images/customers/small/i_'.$profile_id.'.jpg')

I tryed to make use of ../ before images however it did not work. Help!

Thanks Everybody! I SOLVED IT MY SELF. ADDED ../../world wide web Before images. Observed A SHORTCUT Home Based DIRECTORY Also It Labored.

Possibly gradually alter supply the full road to your directory:

$root_path = "enter root path here/"

$dir_img_small = file_is available($root_path . 'images/customers/small/i_'.$profile_id.'.jpg')

If you work with IIS you can define a "virtual" folder in a single website that indicates an actual folder somewhere around the server.

Which means you could define an online folder known as "images" and map it to some physical folder that's exactly the same folder because the images folder of some other site.