I've got a SqlServer database that I have by hand full of some test data. Now Let me extract this test data as place claims and appearance it directly into source control. The concept is the fact that other team people should have the ability to produce the same database, run the produced place scripts and also have the same data to check and develop on.

It is possible to good tool available to get this done? I am not searching for something to create data as talked about here.

If you prefer a light-weight solution, I would suggest sp_generate_inserts. It's a store procedure you may create in your DB and pass in a number of arguments to create place claims of all of the data within the target table.

EMS DB Extract for SQL Server (http://www.sqlmanager.net/en/products/mssql/extract) appears to complete what you would like, also it appears to become free.

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Red-colored-Gate SQL Data Compare is going to do this. Just produce a blank database with similar schema, and operate a compare from the original and also the blank database. It'll generate scripts to place all your test data.

This works http://www.sqlscripter.com/

Latest version of SQL Scripter (V2.1) was launched recently.