I'm pretty a new comer to programming generally so I will bagger this inside a 1000 ways a minimum of and i'm sorry in front of item. I've got a look at a few tables I produced inside a SQL database. They've foreign key associations along with a couple someone to many tables. I've an worker table along with a telephone number table which are linked.

All employees have a minimum of 1 number some employees have two or more amounts listed and I wish to have the ability to determine which quantity of the couple of to exhibit inside a textbox or perhaps a few text boxes. Basically do textbox.text = worker.PhoneNumber (subsonic) it only provides me with the very first number. Can someone point me to some guide or show me the way i would determine which from the stated values I must show for the reason that textbox?

Thanks greatly for just about any assistance you are able to give.

p.s. After I test the veiw in sql I recieve exactly the same worker listed multiple occasions due to the various amounts and so i be aware of information is there' just dont understand how to access another 2 telephone numbers within the list.

i've zero knowledge about subsonic however it does look strange that you could access a non scalar value such as this (worker to telephone number is really a 1-n or m-n relation so worker objects shouldn't possess a scalar area that contains a telephone number, but an accumulation of or even more telephone number objects) in case your worker objects possess a scalar telephone number object i would suggest to determine the relation


so that your VIEW consists of something similar to this:

employee + phone  
John Doe | 123  
John Doe | 456  
Jane Doe | 789

allows state that outcome is an enumeration of some kind T that contains the values as qualities or fields using the given names ...

so you've

IEnumerable< T > data; // initialized somewhere else
IEnumerable< IGrouping<WhateverTypeEmployeeIs,T>> tmp = from x in data group x by x.employee;
var employees = from x in tmp select new { employee = x.Key, phoneNumbers = x.Select(y => y.phone).ToArray() };

employees will contain an IEnumerable< > of the new anonymous type with 2 qualities:
worker - that contains your worker
phoneNumbers - that contains a range of telephone numbers