I am near to selecting a Rails host. I think I want a VPS solution, because (1) my Rails application has gems and plug ins that I have to install to have it working, and (2) I want an SMTP server to transmit emails from my rails application to customers.

However it happened to today...

1) Will I really need VPS and root use of get my application ready to go, simply because I have to install gems, or can one just copy my Rails application folder up to and including Rails-supporting hosting server and begin it?

2) Basically obtain a Google Applications account, which may incorporate a business-class GMail solution, would that provide me an SMTP server that we can use to transmit emails to customers?

I am searching for least-support-needed-solution. I'm able to afford to cover VPS hosting, along with a Google Applications account, however i just question if this sounds like really my smartest choice.

Neither of the needs are VPS-specific. I personally use hosting that is shared from Site5 and presently run two rails applications with the account, both with gems that aren't placed on the server automatically and delivering email. Setting up gems doesn't need root access.

If you wish to make use of a VPS anyway, both Slicehost and Linode are frequently suggested for Rails applications. A couple of more are listed under Deploy around the Rails site. I'd encourage you to definitely do your homework in your choice either in situation. Best of luck!

I am used Joyent host- http://world wide web.joyent.com. It is good Rails host.

You can take a look at Ruby on Rails Hosting, Exactly what is a good Ruby on Rails hosting service?, Good Ruby on Rails free hosting, and Exactly what is a good Ruby on Rails and PHP hosting?.

Personally, i prefer Heroku that has offers free low-scale hosting and it is effortlessly upgraded. Also, they permit you to install gems (much like the jewel dependencies and rake gems:install, however with different syntax/files), and send a couple of free emails (200, but it's easily upgraded).

I personally use HawkHost for those my hosting needs, and I am 90% sure they meet all of your criteria. They offer website hosting and VPS services for excellent prices, as well as their fundamental hosting company plan allows you've Rails programs running too.

Heroku is my host of preference. You are able to send messages using GMail SMTP along with the commercial SMTP wordpress plugin.

I've also used Slicehost, Linode, Dreamhost and RailsMachine.

Slicehost/Linode are awesome if you're able to setup this area yourself.

Dreamhost is affordable-as and ideal for staging. Sites are ponderously slow sometimes though.

RailsMachine is first rate like a handled service. Highly suggested for that support and also the well-updated stack.