I want assist with a chose. I wish to decided on a database_management_system for my .Internet Site. My current variants is :

- MariaDB
- PostgreSQL
- Firebird

I made use of MS SQL and also have no training with individuals ones and should not do a comparison.

Things I need from their store is : Stability, speed, and free and good ORM for .Internet , assist me to decide one of these please.

As it were I favor Postgres but have no clue why.

Added : And i believe I want a genuine killer-feature to alter my estimation.

I favor PostgreSQL over MySQL whenever. PostgreSQL has more features if this involves SQL claims (windowing functions, recursive common table expressions) better support for constraints and indexing (e.g. partial and performance based indexes).

And I am still unsure about once the GPL license forces me to purchase an industrial license - specifically for commercial programs. That's another I reason I avoid MySQL - the license situation is just too unclear and vague for me personally.

PostgreSQL is much more complicated to create within an atmosphere where you'll need a true cluster with load balancing read and write claims.

High availability (i.e. an extra server that can take over once the primary server dies) is - particularly with 9.x - just as simple as with MySQL.

When it comes to speed there's most likely very little distinction between them. Them could be fast and them could be slow. It is dependent how you utilize it and also the qualities of the workload (PostgreSQL appears to become faster rich in concurrent reads and creates - but this may have transformed with MySQL 5.5 and also the enhanced InnoDB engine).

Firebird is extremely effective when it comes to SQL features too (AFAIK it had been the very first free DBMS to aid recursive common table expression).

My greatest anxiety about Firebird may be the cluttered documentation. Because of certification issues there's not one large manual, but it's an accumulation of the initial Interbase manuals as well as the release notes for every version. So if you want to check a particular syntax starting with the Interbase manual, then look into the release notes for Facebook 1.5, then Facebook 2., then Facebook 2.1. A little clumsy, however the team is focusing on might the documentation is enhancing (still can't match the PostgreSQL or MySQL manual).

I am not really a large fan of ORMs anyway, and I have not used PostgreSQL with .Internet when i just use Java. And So I cannot discuss that

NHibernate is really a popular ORM that we recommend, although it features a fairly steep learning curve in the beginning. It supports numerous DBMSs, including PostgreSQL and Firebird out of your list, not to mention MySQL - any reason this really is this is not on your list? - it is effective with .Internet.

If stability and speed are the only needs you will then be fine with either MySQL (Community Edition) or PostgreSQL - the controversy really starts if you need to consider high-availability or high-scalability situations, but this will not be an problem whether it's a little application.

I've no training with Firebird (nee InterBase) or MariaDB, so can't comment.

I am a large fan of Firebird

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