I am focusing on Ubuntu 11.04 with Apache2 and PHP 5.3.5.

During my document root, I've two files: an evaluation.perl printing phpinfo() and index.php for any fresh download of CodeIgniter 2..2

After I attempt to visit index.php using chrome (11..696.57, not Chromium), it attempts to download the file. After I visit test.php using Chrome, it shows the file properly.

After I visit these files with Opera 4. on a single machine, both are displayed properly.

Other people worked with this particular before?

It can't be considered a permissions problem as FF shows the files properly with application type text/html.

What shall we be held doing wrong here?

This question apparently describes exactly the same problem, it's apparently cache related.

Your page should most likely return 'Content-type: text/html' in the beginning (then a newline). Your webserver otherwise does not determine if a picture, or text or some movie gets produced because of your php script.