And So I am focusing on a small-work for the summer time to help keep my coding abilities sharp. I'll be while using Qt4 and C++ to create a class management system for college professors. I simply emerged using the idea like ten minutes ago and so i do not have much.

One question I've is exactly what is the easiest method to store student/class/assignment information to ensure that the program could be portable and used my different schools.

My first guess will be a mySQL database. I want a gurus opinion on that one though.

may well be a wise decision. It's embeddable so you do not need a particular database instance running wherever you deploy it

also, is definitely an option

Since different sites have different database preferences you should make use of a layer for example ActiveRecord or PDO or ODBC to abstract the specific database that the clients desire to use. This could allow individuals to deploy onto PostgreSQL or MySQL or anything they prefer.

The ideal choice for single-process server systems might be SQLite3. It isn't appropriate for those systems, but when the body is made to scale to some couple of dozen customers for the most part, it'll most likely work fine. (The quantity of work you'd have to put in a server to create SQLite3 scale in to the 100s or 1000's might argue for arranging a database server atmosphere rather.)