I'm developing my very own website in Joomla 1.6 and I have added ACL effectively for my client login. I'm using Phocagallery to handle upload of my photos of various clients towards the webserver. This provides me a chance to handle multiple file uploads and automatic development of different thumnails and detail dimensions. I'm also able to use phocagallery for many other activities like slideshows in pages and so forth.

However would like to construct a webpage for clients that provides them a chance to view their pictures 1 by 1 inside a page having a form, by which they are able to use to choose-lists to choose different choices for that prints they decide to purchase. Options including print size, papertype and so forth. I haven't made the decision entirely how to pull off this. Presently I'm evaluating "Smartformer Gold" which appears like it's potential as you can also add code to any or all elements within the form and fasten the shape to modules.

I'm a rookie at PHP however i do my best and that i strive. Do you know the most significant aspects that I have to consider when penning this code? Can someone give a few pointers to begin me off within the right direction?

This is much more complicated than adding an application on the page by having an image. Basically, you're speaking about e-commerce. You need to take into account an item with characteristics (the various print options), multiple product orders, a shopping cart software that's connected using the user, moving the association towards the user account when a user logs in, order creation, payment systems, shipping/order fulfillment, etc.

Off the top my mind, basically would build something similar to this, I'd most likely begin with these elements -

  1. Virtuemart to handle trolley, checkout, order management
  2. K2 for client photo uploads
  3. K2Mart for connecting K2 and VM therefore the products produced will also be e-commerce items

Whichever way you decide to go by using it, it will be fairly complicated.