We now have an mobile web (ASP.Internet + MS-SQL 2008) website that stores users' "personal" data. We're now developing an apple iphone &lifier Android applications that will sync mobile data periodically towards the same after sales. What's the easiest way of carrying out it for hosting within the cloud? My needs in no particular order:

  • Speed/Performance
  • Security (we bcrypt the information etc.), however the database must be secure, since an indication of database being "compromised" can impact perception
  • Availability: need '
  • Finally $ - wish to maintain costs low.

Some I've checked out are: Google data-store (problem: no Peaceful API), Amazon . com SimpleDB (the price appears quite prohibitive, includes a WTF small 10GB "limit").

Any tips about just how to architect this solution?

We made the decision to choose Amazon . com RDS https://aws.amazon . com.com/rds/. It's still in beta and appears cost reasonable. Hope this can help someone.