What type of cloud based located database solution(s) are for sale to hosting mongodb like a service.

MongoHQ appears to provide this particular service, but they are there other suppliers?

MongoDB hosting information is here.

Mongo HQ and Mongo Machine would be the only spots really offering to "host" it by itself. It's like Heroku works together with MongoHQ, to help you already obtain a flexible located solution.

The relaxation from the list include are VPS or cloud companies (i.e.: install by yourself machine).

You will find a couple of reasons with this, but the main reason is merely that MongoDB continues to be very new.

So if you wish to develop a "hobby" application, you will need to use MongoHQ tugging data within the internet. Or else you can host your personal in your server. Regrettably, there's very little in-between at this time.