Exactly what does it decide to try setup a cloud. I've some buddies in the centre east who wish to setup clouds much like Google and Amazon . com and therefore are wondering if there's any open technology that they'll use to create a cloud hosting service. Any ideas?

You can examine out Eucalyptus. The aim of Eucalyptus is to let you setup one's own cloud, much like Amazon's EC2.

Software programs are important and there's nothing available openly that illegal copies what you are able get in Google, Microsoft or Amazon . com. Microsoft has written probably the most about their infrastructure. AutoPilot and Price of Clouds being two interesting papers. A genuine segment from the cost come in data center construction and designs. The amount of computer systems needed is non trivial. To become obvious I do not believe that just one cluster of 5000 machines is really a cloud. Many groupings of 5000 machines is really a cloud. Also clouds ought to be resilient to data center failure so there should most likely attend least two data centers.

Apart from geo-location can there be any reason they would like to get their own and never use either EC2 or Azure?

"Cloud" is definitely an frequently misinterpreted term.

Any computer doing any work on the web qualifies as cloud. It's just a metaphor for computer work done "elsewhere".

Possibly you meant distributed computing?

Lately VMWare introduced Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry is both an industrial product and free project. cloudfoundry.com may be the websiter from the commercial service. Outdoors-source project is homed at cloudfoundry.org, source code is on github.

To date what I've come across, indicates the cloud software, and therefore the service, being produced by cloudfoundry is much more of the PaaS offering than IaaS. This may appear surprising since VMWare's core strength is virtualization.

For the requirement you are able to most likely build the entire cloud solution by mixing cloud foundry's OSS along with other free IaaS software like Eucalyptus to create your personal complete stack.