Let me move some small application databases to some cloud host company. Essentially, Let me not need to manage databases myself. I have been searching at Amazon . com RDS and MongoHQ, that are great, but they are bit costly.

Are there more options apart from establishing my very own VPS?



Putting your database somewhere around the cloud will not eliminate the requirement for you to definitely keep it in check. Heroku provides you with a database whenever you host a credit card applicatoin together, and they're going to arrange it and make certain it matches your needs.

I would suggest keeping the database on a single system the application is running on (within this situation, Heroku). This provides a couple of benefits over cloud hosting, for example:

  • Low latency means faster demands
  • Support Since Heroku is hosting the database, you can get their support to repair any issues.
  • Easily upgradeable If you want to scale your database, Heroku can keep it in check for you personally (although at a price increase)

Cloud hosts are just required for high stress, high traffic systems where you may want to spin up new slaves to deal with demands for you personally.

How about Google Application Engine?

  • It's free until certain limit
  • It uses Google Large Table for that datastore.
  • Also it works on the cloud

There's http://clouddb.com/. It supports WSDL flavor web services, and JSON inside a .Internet type of way but other technologies should have the ability to consume it. Basically can find yourself getting time, I am creating a ruby client for this. You will find free and compensated plans. I apply it my website, and also have no complaints.

I additionally occur to use Heroku and enjoy it for rails hosting and deployment. Its not only a cloud db though.


Honestly, I don't know if this sounds like appropriate to publish here, but when you do not mind, produce a ticket at MongoHQ Support (http://support.mongohq.com/tickets/new) and that we can talk much more about the issue you are attempting to resolve.

We're planning some up-to-date low-finish prices that you should be delivering early in a few days also it may meet your needs. I really hope this can help.

Jason MongoHQ

There's also an online database application platform that might be what you're searching for.