I must get a listing of excellent cloud website hosts and what's provided by each. I particularly want to concentrate on firms that are designed for ASP.Internet 3.5 and SQL Server 2008. Hopefully their tend to be more options available, apart from Mosso. :)

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GoDaddy has a good deal, take a look at my publish below.

I visited a talk on clouds a couple of days ago and also the speaker suggested GoGrid for Home windows. Amazon . com, obviously, for Linux.

I really had not learned about Mosso till now.

There's really an 'unannounced' Microsoft cloud within the works known as Red-colored Dog. Ballmer promises a comment through the Finish of November

Azure is Microsoft's located cloud solution. It's listed much like EC2.

You have to pay for compute hrs, bandwidth, and storage. http://world wide web.microsoft.com/azure/prices.mspx

Additionally they offer SQL Azure for any SQL Server 2008 based solution within the cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server data services for that SQL server and ElasticHosts for that ASP.Internet

SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) are highly scalable, on-demand data storage and query processing utility services. Built on robust SQL Server database and Home windows Server technologies, these types of services provide high availability, security and support standards-based web connects for simple programming and quick provisioning.

GoDaddy presenting a cloud hosting solution known as Power grid Hosting. It features a very good beginning package, and as it is in beta, it's $4.99 per month!!! (for that beta only)

Anyway, take a look, I'm going with this particular for the time being, since my website is not production yet.

Also take a look at world wide web.flexiscale.com/ - like Amazon . com EC2's pay-per-machine hour charging model, however with Unix &lifier Home windows machines available.

Only provides you with multiple machines / hour does not have automatic load balancing etc.

I attended an Amazon . com seminar two days ago on the AWS serivces plus they are planning for a Home windows host that's in beta.

http://theenterprisecloud.com http://terremark.com

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There's a Mono/Apache AMI (Amazon . com Machine Image) for Amazon . com EC2 for Fedora at this time, if you cannot watch for their Home windows hosting that is visiting EC2. Particulars here:

AMI image

Remember on AWS you're having to pay for idle time too, meaning when Apache is sitting there listening for connections you are still having to pay.

Amazon . com EC2

This obviously does not solve your SQL Server problem. Discountasp as pointed out, do SQL Server 2005/2008 hosting (200mb database) for $120 annually but that is not necessarily cloud computing, just hosting.

Keep the eyes out for news in the PDC conference in the finish of the month. Microsoft is announcing a slew of solutions. Search the net for Microsoft Red-colored Dog and that'll provide you with a jump.

http://world wide web.microsoftpdc.com/