So I have always depended on classical hosting if this involves hosting my websites - either with shared or devoted hosting. It is now time (or possibly it came sometime ago) that i can think about the cloud. However with the cloud come a couple of concerns (all developing from my very own lack of knowledge) and I am wishing StackOverflow can put my fears to relaxation.

While I have heard some solutions to my questions previously, I am wishing to consume enough feedback, as well as hopefully give a valuable resource to the others available much like me.

1) To begin with - so how exactly does everything work? I am talking about, I recieve the network of clouds, spinning them up and lower when i require it. But so far, I have always opened up up an FTP client, attached to my server and submitted this site. My prediction is all works exactly the same way using the cloud, but exactly how could it be all handled? How do you update files and just how would I remove them? Would an FTP client suffice for that simple file-control over an internet site?

2) Lots of shared hosts use PHP4, and permit PHP5 using the right extension - so how exactly does this, and all sorts of the PHP extensions work? Wouldso would I switch on the mod_rewrite extension, for instance? Wouldso would I choose my version of PHP? Can One curl?

3) How about such things as cron jobs, or managing a mysql database? Can One access my database using a phpmyadmin interface, or through the MySQL Query Browser?

4) Lastly, so how exactly does the price really rival hosting that is shared? Yes, it all is dependent on traffic, to phrase my question in a different way, where perform the cost lines intersect (if whatsoever?) For instance, basically pay $100/month for any devoted server, and may support 300,000 page visits, or 2-3 page visits per second, an amount the price be for similar usage?

Of course, I appreciate the assistance, and hope it's enough to encourage me to make use of the cloud. It is so fancy!

The word "Cloud" can be used in lots of ways... That which you describe is much more likely an online root server - which you'll freeze or unfreeze when needed (EC2, JiffyBox (Disclaimer: I'm not associated with these :)).

For those who have good Light/Linux understanding you don't have to bother with such things as mod_rewrite etc. because you will find the energy to alter it the way you like.

In case your understanding about root servers is restricted - you are able to install free/open-source tools like webmin. You are to not passionate about running your personal server - a handled hosting ist most likely better.

Sorry - I am unable to discuss the expense.

I'd election for Cloud Sites

I'd think of the techniques accustomed to manage your website (within the situation of Cloud Sites) could be much like those of your traditional shared located with something similar to Plesk or CPanel installed.