I've been focusing on a android application store, I've the look exercised, however i am now searching for a great way to host it without needing to spend lots of initial capital. I had been searching at Amazon . com WS for solutions, also Google Application Engine... would anybody prefer to share encounters and provide a recommendation or options to those services?

Essentially I'm searching to create an android market that's very specialized, like the Amazon . com, and Android Os store, however with less programs specific in a specific audience and most likely a small fraction of the traffic... (also hopefully the fraction from the cost.)

I'm attempting to avoid getting devoted servers because of the constant maintenance, and all sorts of overhead connected by using it. Hopefully these cloud services have matures enough in the last year where they are able to provide a viable means to fix my problems:

  1. Keep cost lower
  2. Scale because the community grow
  3. Not needing to setup and keep servers
  4. Easily add additional features, without lower-time

Fundamental essentials primary goals, simplicity of use, and being "Java related" is yet another one although not as relevant.


If you would like general hosting, AWS EC2 is a great choice. Based on your application and size deployment, it might not function as the least expensive immediately, however it comes with lots of good tools for scaling and growing. Options are Rackspace Cloud, Storm When Needed, and GoGrid.

But when you need to host an application designed in a particular language, you could utilize Application Engine (Java and Python), Heroku (Ruby), Amazon . com Beanstalk (Java), PHPFog (PHP), and Microsoft Azure (.Internet Applications). These facilities have the benefit of getting the runtime atmosphere already setup, however, you might be limited somewhat in deployment options.

AWS provides you with virtual servers that you need to configure yourself. They provide an item known as Elastic Beanstalk that's a canned Java Servlet atmosphere on Ubuntu that may be used effortlessly after which broadened when needed. They likewise have free usage tier that enables you to get moving free of charge after which start having to pay whenever your bandwidth increases.

Application Engine is a lot more locked lower. There's no setup involved since the platform is tied lower making for simple deployment, but almost zero versatility. They likewise have minimum thresholds for bandwidth/CPU/memory below which it's not necessary to pay.

Personally, i have discovered Rackspace towards the most economical + flexible, which is something I personally use and am pleased with.

GAE is ageing, once had free quotas, they lately transformed that (an indication of maturity i suppose). AWS have a totally free quota for 12 months once you register, however their least expensive/littlest server costs about 40$, before used to do the comparison.

What Amazon . com does provide you with is an accumulation of services, for example payment, DNS and whole couple of other activities. If you are planning to think about other services, it could be preferable even it if is more expensive.

Rackspace by comparison, includes a tiny instance, 256MB RAM with 10GB Hard disk drive, and charges about 12$ to operate, it will likely be appropriate atleast immediately.

Azure, I've no clue. I've not checked out.

Ultimately should you application has special constraints, GAE is probably not appropriate as possible run limited APIs and in addition they have certain limits (you'll find the particulars on their own quots page) http://code.google.com/appengine/paperwork/quotas.html

There's also slicehost and a lot of others, however their pricing is greater than rackspace, and so i did not bother searching their way.

I lately authored up an evaluation of PHP Fog and CloudControl which you may find helpful. You should check it here: http://caseyflynn.com/2011/10/16/handled-php-hosting-phpfog-versus-cloudcontrol/