I wish to develop and manage my DEV@CloudBees and RUN@CloudBees workspace from Eclipse, for any PlayFramework project, and that i will need to use it from the 3 different PC. I am while using Cloudbees SVN repository, Jenkins CI solution, database ... everything.

I installed CloudBees and PlayFramework plug ins for Eclipse, produced my CloudBees account, SVN repository, project, Jenkins Job and database. I have produced my Play project, eclipsified it.

I realize and that i have examined each element of my specific working atmosphere however i did not manage to ensure they are work easily together.

1- I have seen some Play modules for CloudBees but it's just for command-line use. It is possible to nice Eclipse wordpress plugin wrapper with this ?

2- I've some issues writing the build.xml, particularly when referencing the PlayFramework libs, because I am unable to make use of the local installation because it will not focus on Jenkins.

3- How do i deploy to operateAtCloudBees from Eclipse ? Basically make use of the CloudBees wordpress plugin, it does not package the PlayFramework libs.

4- How do i make use of the testing options that come with Play to become integrated in Jenkins ?

I've got a large amount of questions but it's enough for the time being :) Incidentally, PlayFramework rocks ! and CloudBees a existence-saving work atmosphere.

Appreciate your help.

Contact the support, they're really useful..and fast!

they are doing possess a wordpress plugin for Jenkins, request to have it placed on your server..I personally use the command

play auto-test

and delay pills work fine. You will need some code to check on for failures with respect to the .failures files. take a look link

1) The cloudbees module is just for that command-line. There's no Eclipse wordpress plugin (which i are conscious of). However, the command-lines are rather easy play bees:application:deploy

2) Unsure here

3) Implementing Play Framework Applications is a little not the same as implementing J2EE (due to the required play war command), thus implementing a Play application to Cloudbees from Eclipse is probably not possible. However, see 1).

4) I believe there's a Play wordpress plugin for Jenkins. I have not tried on the extender on/off Cloudbees.

OK, and so i provided outside assistance on questions 2 and 4, and regrettably, the solutions might not have been that which you wished. I would recommend switching to command-line when it's time to deploy.

In eclipse click exterior tools menu and make up a new command as noted by Ryan in 1). you'll be able to simply click the exterior tool icon.

I received a really fast and efficient answer from Cloudbees support.

It verifies what mericano1 and Ryan stated (because of them).

The CloudBees Jenkins service let customers install some personalization plug ins such as the Play! Framework one !

After adding it towards the core configuration, you can include a brand new build step "Play!" inside your job configuration and hang the Play! instructions you'll need. For instance "clean", then "deps --sync" and lastly "auto-test". You may also add the war -o toto.war if you want the binary.

You should check the "Play! auto-test reviews" checkbox. You will have one more icon "Play! Test Result" within the left menu from the build result page to look at the ... Play test result page (unbelieavable :)).

Still within the job configuration, you should check the "Deploy to CloudBees" features. I did not attempted however i think the Play! libs issues would not be resolved. So, add the cloudbees .2.2 wordpress plugin inside your Play! project dependencies.yml, and you will add the bees:application:deploy command inside your build step.

For Eclipse, the CloudBees wordpress plugin is fully functionnal, after you have configurated your Jenkins job. However, you should stick with the Play! process to build up in your area and never the Run DEV@/CloudBees Local.