I've got a relaxation web service-based on Rails.I've another third party website that'll be built on either java or .Internet. I needed both programs i.e. my rails web service and also the 3rd party web application that's built on java or .Internet to share the database.Therefore we are intending to host both programs on a single server.Is possible and do you know the hosting companies which have this method?

Both programs operate on Home windows, so should run on a single server.

So either search for hosting companies that support both programs or obtain a Vps (VPS) and install the program yourself.

I don't think you will discover a choice for any shared host on which you'll do both natively, however, you could easily do both on just about any VPS or cloud hosting option.

Another reasonable option I believe is always to look for a Java Servlet host (Tomcat host) and run your Rails application under JRuby. There's very good support with this option which is fairly mature (I possibly could not the same of IronRuby).