I've got a .com domain, and also mainly trade within the United kingdom (for the time being).

The .co.united kingdom variant continues to be registered going back four years, and doesn't have been used whatsoever (I am along the way of attempting to make contact with the person that is the owner of the .co.united kingdom domain).

I'm simply wondering when the .com is going to be enough to get United kingdom looks for my section of work (audio, music), or maybe the .co.united kingdom variant is crucial to business, Search engine optimization etc?

Thank you ahead of time,


When your website continues to be indexed and you've got some form or notice in your site that you're situated within the United kingdom I do not think you'll always need a co.united kingdom. Does it help, potentially.

Google will assume your internet site is meant for a United kingdom audience if whether) you've got a .co.united kingdom domain, or b) it's located within the United kingdom. Therefore if your internet site is located within the United kingdom you will not have problems. If you're located outdoors from the United kingdom, then using Google Website owner tools you are able to by hand tell Google what country your internet site is targeted at.

I'd still get the .co.united kingdom if you're able to (for any reasonable amount), simply to catch mis-kinds of your site address and just in case you need to go worldwide later on.