I am using Eclipse to create php not to mention I recieve color coding like several IDEs do.

How do you obtain the same effect inside a blog?

Check this out example (scroll lower to determine the code colors), he's full colors, eco-friendly, red-colored, blue, pretty acceptable I'd say

http://world wide web.tellinya.com/read/2007/06/15/20.html

Can there be something that's stand alone PHP that may accomplish this, or will i require a wordpress plugin and use a Content management systems? I'd prefer stand alone I suppose if at all possible.

You should use SyntaxHighlighter, the industry purely JavaScript solution. Or see 9 Helpful Javascript Syntax Highlighting Scripts for additional.

If you wish to create the highlighting around the server side, you should use the PHP library GeSHi. There's additionally a Drupal wordpress plugin that functions being an output filter.

Within the example you've proven, the writer is encapsulating the code snippet among <code></code> tags to preserve indentation and he's using style information to create the colours.

You can most likely apply certain javascript code make it possible for "syntax highlighting" for PHP that's what you would like.

You might like to take a look, for instance, to:


For drupal use GeSHi Filter for syntax highlighting module...

You are able to embed Pastie clips anywhere you would like, with JavaScript. They have got a blog publish onto it. I really like it!

For Wordpress, you should use the http://wordpress.org/extend/plug ins/wordpress-syntax/ wordpress plugin. If you simply need something fundamental for PHP only, you should use the native http://php.internet/highlight_string function.