I have been your local dev atmosphere for a while with Codeigniter v1.7.1, and that i lately installed xampp to replace it all. Before, I'd modified my hosts file and added a the virtualhost during my httpd.conf file, and this site was running at dev.mysite.com.

After setting up xampp, the html is exhibiting after i visit the url localhost/mysite, however, no pathways will work properly, since they're formatted in accordance with the website root, which apparently isn't being set properly.

For example: <script type="text/javascript" src="/public_scripts/homepage.js"></script>
is pointing toward the URL localhost/public_scripts instead of localhost/mysite/public_scripts.

I went into config.php and transformed the bottom_hyperlink to a variety of things, for example mysite/, but nothing labored.

So what can I actually do to obtain CI to make use of localhost/mysite because the root, to ensure that relative pathways formatted like /public_scripts/script.js use mysite because the base url and never localhost?


Are you currently while using base_url inside your sights?

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?=base_url()?>public_scripts/homepage.js"></script>

This really is nearly your /etc/hosts and xampp httpd conf file - you have to setup mapping 127...1 dev.mysite.local or regardless of the local domain ought to be after which add virtualhost as if you did before, no method of doing this in CI or .htacces.

Inside your hosts file (C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts) add   dev.mysite.com

Inside your virtual host file for your site look into the DocumentRoot has 'mysite' inside it c:xamppapacheconfextramysite.com.conf

DocumentRoot C:/path_to_my_website/site/www/htdocs/mysite/