I've a credit card applicatoin constructed with codeigniter while using periods class and storing session data inside a database. The issue is I am getting extra session records during my database when my web page loads a css file.

Up to lately I had been running my application on the simple VPS host supplied by rackspace. Database and Apache were both running on a single VPS. Lately however I have migrated my application to PHPFog to let it scale easier. I did not have this problem with my former hosting setup.

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The row using the populated value for user_information is my original session. Another three blank periods are caused by simply refreshing the page three occasions. I appear to possess monitored it lower to together with a css file during my header, after i comment it or remove it the problem disappears. It's only this specific css file also, other css/js/image files don't cause this problem.

This is a connect to the css file under consideration: http://pastebin.com/XfEBNFiC

Anybody know what is leading to this? Thanks!

UPDATE: I recognized the html from the page under consideration may be useful. Leaving comments the stylesheet include online 13 helps make the problem disappear. http://pastebin.com/iBEb4he6


$config['sess_cookie_name']     = 'ci_session'

$config['sess_expiration']      = 7200

$config['sess_expire_on_close'] = FALSE

$config['sess_secure_cookie']  = FALSE

$config['sess_use_database']    = TRUE

$config['sess_table_name']      = 'ci_sessions'

$config['sess_match_ip']        = FALSE

$config['sess_match_useragent'] = TRUE

$config['sess_time_to_update']  = 300



 Cookie Related Variables


 'cookie_prefix' = Set a prefix if you want to avoid collisions

 'cookie_domain' = Set to .your-domain.com for site-wide snacks

 'cookie_path'   =  Typically is a forward slash

 'cookie_secure' =  Snacks are only set if your secure HTTPS connection is available.


$config['cookie_domain']    = 'casey.phpfogapp.com' //$base_url_parts['host']

$config['cookie_path']      = '/'

$config['cookie_prefix']    = ""

$config['cookie_secure']    = FALSE

During my programs I put the following code into .htaccess for stopping a cookie to become sent with css/js/images demands:


# Use Mod_deflate to compress static files

<ifmodule mod_deflate.c>

<filesmatch ".(jscssicotxthtmhtmlphp)$">

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE



# Accelerate caching

FileETag MTime Size

# Expires

ExpiresActive On

ExpiresDefault "access plus 366 days"

# Future Expires Headers

<filesmatch ".(icopdfflvdigitaljpegpngpresenjscssswf)$">

Header set Expires "Sitting, 27 12 , 2014 23:59:59 GMT"