I designed a tab like a Facebook Application. This application is made over Codeigniter and delay pills work really fine during my server however when I attempt to set up it in another server, it does not work because Joomla is installed with SEF triggered. Now, each time I attempt to gain access to

SERVER/ci_app/index.php/hello/world it always loads SERVER/ci_app/index.php

I needed to edit the .htaccess however i did not get it done since the website is very visited and I'd rather not screw up something.

The joomla portal is in the folder allows say "/joomla" by having an htaccess. I attempted to made my very own rule but I'm not sure whether it would modify anything what's inside "/joomla".

RewriteEngine on  #This line is already written
RewriteRule ^ci_app/(.*) /ci_app/$1 #Is this ok?

Also, I attempted every URI PROTOCOL within the config file with no success. How do i have great results? Can you really have both systems (Joomla-SEF and Codeigniter) together?

Thanks ahead of time.

Are you currently saying you have two sub folders: /joomla/ and /ci_application/ If that's the case the .htaccess file inside the /joomla/ folder may have zero effect on demands towards the /ci_application/ folder. I'd suggest you appear at server config for the problem.

Possibly I misinterpreted as well as your folder structure is: /joomla/ci_application/ When the latter you'll be able to overrule parents 'joomla' folder's .htaccess by developing a htaccess file of your within the ci_application folder. Set the RewriteBase towards the ci_application folder and all sorts of ought to be well.