I've got a codeigniter project which i have run effectively on Mac OS X Lion. When trying to operate exactly the same project in ubuntu, asking for localhost/project produces a blank page without any source.

I have added AllowOverride All to apache.conf with no success. My latest strategy is to put a die() statement in proper places within the index and incorporated files, looking for the road which the code fails. Through this process, I have present in system/core/CodeIgniter.php that the die statement prior to the line "$CI = new $class()" executes, while one after it (and most probably all ensuing code) does not.

So what can I actually do with this particular information that helped me to run this project in your area?


I'd exactly the same blank page after i began dealing with CI.

For me personally, it had been exactly that I didn't remember to set up mySQL on my small machine. You do not get errors because within the system files, the database connection is preceded with a "@" so no errors are displayed.

If this isn't the issue, look at your version of PHP, or consider adding a phpinfo() within the index.php file.

Have you by any chance put any whitened space or new lines after ending PHP tag in certain of the files? If that's the case - remove them together with closing PHP tag.

(P.S. In code igniter you shouldn't close PHP tags in files that have only PHP code - Controller, Model,...)