I have just installed Coldfusion 9, and things are now working fine and it is attached to my MySQL databse through the Coldfusion Administrator like a datasrouce, however i understand this error happening rarely, maybe five to ten occasions each day. I'm not sure how you can recreate it, and when you receive it and refresh the page it is going away.

Error Executing Database Query. Communications link failure Last packet sent to the server was 0 ms ago

The mistake has been caught by coldfusion as it is exhibiting a person friendly message and contacting me the issue.

Many of the time the web pages load and work fine, which problem only has happened since going from CFMX7 to CF9, both using MySQL.

The MySQL version I'm using is "5..77"

I have attempted localhost and 127...1 because the host within the datasource, it does not matter.

Does anybody have idea what this really is and just how to repair it? I have seen some similar posts for Java however i aren't seeing how you can translate the fix across into Coldfusion? And can it be a MySQL or Apache problem anyway?

EDIT: I UNCHECKED maintain connections at 11am yesterday (eleventh), and never had the mistake since. Usually I had been getting 3 - 10 each day, which means this appears hopeful. I'll hold back until tomorrow before verifying it's fixed. I am while using MySQL 4/5 driver on 5..77

This problem was talked about around the Adobe forums. It seems that the appropriate workaround would be to enable a Validation Query within the ColdFusion datasource definition for example "Choose 1" (without quotes). ColdFusion will test every connection by running that easy query before letting the page request use that db connection. This can guarantee that each db connection is nice before use within the applying.

More particulars offered at: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3396302#3396302

Apache would not be your condition unless of course you're speaking about Apache Tomcat as the servlet engine for ColdFusion. Apache HTTPD wouldn't have the ability to cause that.

It will appear like this can be a bug among the JDBC Connector and MySQL. Would you let me know what version of mysql you are well on?