I am writing an HQL query, as:

from a where ... or exists (from b inner join b.c where ...) and ...

I recieve back an entity of type a out of this query. However, I have to also know if the exists clause returned true or otherwise afterwards during my code. If the was SQL, I'd tack it to the choose list. However, even when I increase the HQL choose clause, to ensure that it might be:

select a, exists (from b inner join b.c where ...) as x from a where ... or x and ...

During my code Now i have to choose from viewing untyped data, or viewing typed organizations of type a and throwing out my value x that returned by using it.

It is possible to method to in some way return typed data plus the additional column?

You've two options because I view it:

1) Add the extra property like a read-only planned property for your entity, utilizing the formula mapping to derive the worthiness using inline sql or perhaps a udf.

2) Get just the data you need back utilizing a custom hql query and employ the aliastobeanresulttransformer to project to some strongly-typed dto which includes your fields of great interest.

Which route you decide to go is actually your decision, but I'd often lean towards option #2 so they won't pollute your domain model with needless fields.