can there be in whatever way we are able to give comma seprator formatting to amounts in wordpress eg: 3,000 rather than 3000 or 100,000 rather than 100000.


While using php function will "hardcode" the format for those customers.

There's a particular wordpress function number_format_i18n that ought to convert integer number to format in line with the current locale.

If you would like it to occur instantly for the overall website (presuming the theme or plugn author has utilized the above mentioned function just like a good boy/girl!, you'll be able to either set the word what (locale based on language) inside your config.php. Define Wordpress_LANG

or maybe for any wordpress plugin/theme, set the neighborhood using set_locale

To create Wordpress_LANG instantly for various customers browsing for your site, there's a wordpress plugin known as "in their language"

to format (any) number in PHP (not particularly to wordpress), you should use php's number_format() function.