Exactly what is a good command line tool to produce screenshots of web sites on Linux? I have to instantly generate screenshots of web sites without human interaction. The only real tool which i found was khtml2png, however i question if you will find others that are not according to khtml (i.e. have good JavaScript support, ...).

A bit more detail may be helpful...

Begin a opera (or any other browser) within an X session, either in your console or utilizing a vncserver. You should use the --heigth and --width choices to set how big your window to full screen. Another opera command may be used to set the URL being displayed within the first opera window. You can now grab the screen image and among several instructions, like the "import" command in the Imagemagick package, or using gimp, or fbgrab, or xv.


# begin a server having a specific DISPLAY

vncserver :11 -geometry 1024x768

# start opera within this vnc session

opera -display :11

# read Web addresses from the computer file inside a loop


while read url


    # send Hyperlink to the opera session

    opera -display :11 $url

    # have a picture after waiting a little for that load to complete

    sleep 5

    import -window root image$count.digital

done < url_list.txt

# cleanup when done

vncserver -kill :11

I understand it is not an order line tool however, you could easily script up something to make use of http://browsershots.org/ Not too helpful for programs not located on exterior Insolvency practitioners.

An excellent tool none the less.

scrot is really a command line tool to take screenshots. Begin to see the guy page which tutorial.

You could also want to check out scripting the browser. You will find opera add-ons that take screenshots for example screengrab (which could capture the whole page if you would like, not only the visible bit) and also you could then script the browser with greasemonkey to accept screenshots.

I'm not sure of anything custom made, I am sure there might be something completed with the gecko engine to render to some png file rather than the screen ...

Or, you can turn on opera entirely screen mode inside a devoted VNC server instance and employ a screenshot grabber to accept screenshot. Fullscreen = minimal chrome, VNC server instance = no visible UI + you are able to choose your resolution.

Use xinit with Xvnc because the X server to get this done - you will need to read all of the manpages.

Disadvantages are the screenshot is definitely exactly the same size, does not re-size based on the web site ...

There's the import command, but you will need X, along with a little party script that open the browser window, then go ahead and take screenshot and close the browser.

You'll find more details here, or simply typing import --help inside a spend )


The n file

done my Ubuntu after setting up libkonq4 ... but you might want to cover other dependencies.

I believe javascript support might be better now!