i am a new comer to joomla and that i wanna know how do i install modules(or anything they call)..i downloaded Jcomments from Joomlatune and that i donno how you can install or configure it..the documentation can also be bad as well as the screenshots have been in another language.. can someone assist me to in setting up that module? also, how do i enable comments to have an article? thanks...

First, do not take downvotes too personally. The one who downvoted you and also did not write a comment saying so, To be sure it does not hurt to create one, but calling the individual a "moron" does not help either. You're asking something really trivial, this might be exactly why people downvoted you.

That aside, you are getting problems since you did not understand Joomla's terminology to extensions.

Extensions are divided in:

  • Modules
  • Plug ins
  • Components

Check official documentation to understand each concept.

So, if you have extra time, to set up it you simply see your Joomla's menu in administration, and choose install enjoy it is incorporated in the picture below.

Installing Joomla's Extensions

Then, choose your zip file which consists of your extension.

Visit yourserver.com/administrator/

Within the menus is an element manager.