So I am creating a program for android that attempts to download something from Things I want is not a browser but to have interaction using the web page without really showing it. Like how HtmlUnit should really work.

I am using apache for that html demands and what I have done to date is send a publish that models hitting slow download on the internet page. I Quickly browse the response in order to acquire some variables required to result in the next publish and execute the following publish. Theoretically, the site ought to be showing the captcha make the response I recieve is please go into the captcha, but no image url.

The next phase is always to go into the captcha and lastly download the file, the issue I am getting is I'm not sure how you can show the captcha image towards the user. Must i capture it in some way? I understand how to create the publish to transmit exactly what the user would type, however the image link to the captcha is not within the source code.

I figured of checking the site and so i might get the url in the DOM tree, like what inspect element on the internet chrome does, however i have no clue whether it's even possible. Any ideas could be great.


The captcha is most likely produced using JavaScript. Therefore when you are getting the origin from the website, the captcha has not yet been produced and also you will not begin to see the image within the source HTML. You should run the Javascript in some way. You could attempt utilizing a WebView since it has generated-in support for Javascript, or obtain a Javascript library for Java and employ it in some way. It could be a great deal of labor.

Edit: Really, if they're utilizing a thirdy-party captcha library, I am sure it uses some kind of HTTP request system, so you may have the ability to inspect it with this wordpress plugin for Opera.