We're searching for a method to publish articles in various languages, including variations on paper direction (RTL/LTR) not to mention character sets. The maintainer from the current site works together with Mambo/Joomla, but has found severe limitations when it comes to extensibility.

A similar question was already requested, however i will prove to add feature and system needs.

Feature-smart, we want the next functionality:

  • Content management systems standard features (two-stage posting, permissions, different posting systems …)
  • Additionally to standard categorization, articles must have a language meta attribute
  • It ought to be possible use a single article in a number of languages
    • Links between articles should indicate the word what from the target article, if it doesn't match the word what from the source article.
    • It ought to be easy to link straight to articles released inside a certain language (e.g. mysite.com/article/23423/my-awesome-title?lang=ar).
  • Authors must have some type of indication of the language abilities

At the amount of system needs, we now have considered the next options:

  • Standard PHP/MySQL on Apache (Light)
  • Google Application Engine (preferred django)

We're searching for an entire Content management systems, that may be easily extended and administrated, or perhaps a framework that covers the majority of the functionality. Please take into account that we now have already go through the solutions around the formerly pointed out question.



Perhaps you have checked out Django-Content management systems ?

I do not think it'll have all you mention as they are, but many from it can there be and also the relaxation you can include yourself.

Drupal could effortlessly suit your needs around the Light stack. By Drupal 6 almost all you need can be obtained. You could have:

  • Multi stage posting and workflow using the led Workflow module
  • New content could be labeled inside a specific language, or produced as language neutral
  • I'm not sure if it might be possible to achieve the Content management systems instantly list the prospective language of the link, however it should not be hard having a couple of lines of code to include a filter something similar to [link: article ID or title] to place a hyperlink towards the other article that will list the word what from the link target
  • connecting to some specific language/translation of the article isn't any problem, most folks set that track of path prefixing in Drupal, so an british article could be at example.com/en/article/path and say french at example.com/fr/article/path

I am unaware of something that meets your needs presently on Application Engine. You can personalize something similar to Bloog, though.

I made use of Sitellite Content management systems, it is a good software with I18n support.

Checkout django-blocks. Has multi-language Menu, Flatpages as well as includes a simple Shopping Cart Software!!