Things I am attempting to do happens when being able to access an element have the ability to access the Joomla! admin menu too. I mean , inside a component when it's utilized you are able to still access the conventional Joomla! menu i.e. site, menus, content, components, extensions... However am getting trouble carrying this out during my component. After you have utilized the component via admin the conventional Joomla! drop lower menu panel above no more works until I exit the component again. My real question is then what's going to let me access both Joomla! admin menu and also the component menu even if I am within the component. Thanks.

Professionally, David

This occurs because JToolbarHelper is asking hidemainmenu(). This occurs only if hidemainmenu publish/get parameter is placed to true.

Most likely your component is asking JRequest::setVar( 'hidemainmenu', 1 ) somewhere because or controller or entry-point.

Either discover that line and take away it or clearly set JRequest::setVar( 'hidemainmenu', 0 ) within the view. That you can do within the the display() approach to the vista.