In couchdb, I understand you are able to pass it a vital or perhaps a range to come back records, but I wish to make a move such as this.... find x records which are x values.

So for instance, in regular sql, allows say I needed to come back records with ids which are: 5, 7, 29, 102.... I'd do Choose * where id = 5 OR id = 7 or id = 29 etc

Is it feasible in couchdb to get this done, where I toss all of the values I wish to get in the important thing array, after which couchdb searches its individuals records that may appear in the ?key parameter?

Having a straight view function, this won't be possible. However, use a [cde] function to complete exactly the same result.

You are able to perform a Publish as documented on CouchDB wiki. You pass their email list of secrets in your body from the request.


However that the Publish request isn't cached through the browser.