I wish to host an internet application on the private JVM they provide 32, 64, 128, 256 Megabytes plans.

My web application uses Spring. And That I store some objects for each drenched in user session.

My real question is: How do i profile my web application to determine just how much heap size it requires in order to select a plan?, How do i simulate 100s of customers drenched in simultaneously?

I am developing the applying using Netbeans 6.7 Java 1.6 Tomcat 6..18


I'd recommend utilizing a tool like JMeter to complete your load testing. You should use jvisualvm to determine fundamental heap usage or grab a heap dump to determine exact particulars.

jVisualVM is a superb choice to observe your application's using JVM memory.

However, once you are ready to go, you might like to look into the JVM's memory usage statistics every so often without needing to reach a console to operate jVisualVM. Should you choose, this straightforward web application (heap visualizer) might help you.

You can safeguard the applying by modifying the net.xml to ensure that only selected roles get access to this application.