I've got a table xxx with id (id_xxx int AUTO_INCREMENT ) and title (title_xxx varchar (50)), After I place a brand new row within the table I made​​:

INSERT INTO xxx VALUES ​​("name for test");

and also the result (int=1) of insertion is came back, i quickly display during my java interface a note "succseed!", so far it is a very fundamental and straightforward operation... BUT, when I wish to return the placed id_xxx,I must do another query towards the database:

INSERT INTO xxx VALUES ​​("name for test");
//after the insert response I made:
SELECT MAX (id_xxx) FROM xxx;

and that i display during my java interface "succseed $$$ is the id_xxx "....

the 2nd version can certainly result in a serious error throughout concurrent use of multiple customers: make a situation whenever a user1 bakes an place... after which H2DB interrupt procedures of the user then executes the place of user2. when user1 executes a choose max (id_xxx) the H2DB return An Incorrect id_xxx...

(Hopefully my example is obvious otherwise I'll schematize this issue).

how you can solve this issue?

You need to have the ability to retrieve secrets produced by insert query, see 5.1.4 Retrieving Automatically Generated Keys.