Due to strange security guidelines of my host company I must define my rewrite rules in /etc/apache2/conf.d/examplesite.conf rather than writing them with an .htaccess around the www folder of this site.

What I am attempting to do is setup a Wordpress Mu server (http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/subject/17349 ) and to date its focusing on a 50%.

The primary blog loads perfectly but other sub blogs (situated for instance at www.example.com/blog2 ) don't.

I am speculating however , the rewrite rules behave in a different way when declared at .conf files for every virtual host rather than using .htaccess files.

Has anybody else had this issue? How will you repair it?

This does not seem just like a rewrite problem in my experience but maybe it's. You do not say exactly what the error happens when you attempt to load among the sub blogs. Possibly posting up what your rewrite rule is could be useful. Would not you have the ability to setup a predicament in which you did them inshtaccess files on the localhost or something like that to see if there is a positive change?

If pretty permalinks work, then mod_rewrite is enabled, and spinning Web addresses to WordPress effectively.

If the is the situation, then it is an issue with your MU install.

Have you choose pathways over sub-domain names throughout the MU install? Should you did not, however later switched, this is where the issue is - are you currently capable of fresh install?