I had been focusing on a website of Cakephp that was effectively shipped.But lately Client again appered and requested me to place the Wordpress blog inside it,to hide the Blogging factor in the site.He has shared the authentication between your Cakephp and Wordpress.Whomever registers in the site,then Logins inside it and when he clicks your blog Tab,he or she must be rerouted towards the Wordpress blog using the session there.Following some searching I've installed it in /application/webroot/blog folder but I'm not in a position to edit the .htaccess file. Help me within the right direction,that how you can share the authentication betwenn Cake Php and Wordpress, and also the second one how you can personalize the .htaccess file to ensure that URL's look great. Thanks ahead of time..!

Here is an excellent method to do it. In CakePHP you could have use of multiple databases. Why don't you configure cake to get access to Wordpress and employ their login around the entire website? You are able to link the consumer information towards the ID within the Wordpress database and tie it towards the content within the CakePHP specific database. As you are using CakePHP, this will really be rather simple too.