hello there i needed to un-install sql server 2005, coz it had been set up for use only in home windows authentication mode, and do the installation again in mixed mode. and so i needed to have a backup of my only database there, and restore it again on setting up the sql server back, although the backup was taken effectively however when am attempting to restore it, it's giving me a mistake as

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: The media has 2 media families only 1 are supplied. All people should be provided. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

i'm using Sql server management studio, and seeking to revive the database by right hitting the databases folder, choosing restore database option, after which supplying a database title, in "place to go for restore", as well as in "source for restore" am choosing from device option after which supplying using the path of my .bak file(backup file from the database), but the truth is no longer working, stating that the restored has unsuccessful and giving the above mentioned pointed out description for that error.

Please assist me.. Its kinda urgent..

I would recommend that you don't make use of the SSMS GUI to do your database RESTORE unless of course you're familiar with all the various options and configurations. While using T-SQL RESTORE command you are able to define clearly what you're searching to complete.

I recommend that you simply first verify your database backup file using the RESTORE VERIFYONLY command.

See SQL Server Books online:


Can there be any chance you supported to 2 backup files (ie, candy striped backup), and you are only indicating one of these within the restore? The restore appears to become worrying when aren't able to find all of the files it must start the restore.

should you haven't already attempted this: crate an empty database using the identical title because the database you are rebuilding from, using the files in the identical location. right click on the blank database and restore out of your backup.