How can i found their email list of all of the states of world using their country code (ISO2 or ISO3).

I must place each one of these states during my database. When the list will come in the .sql is going to be great.

I want condition listing of world with country-code not the nation list.

Are you aware how can i found?


Wikipedia has got the full listing of both 2-letter and three-letter country codes:

In relation to getting it inside a local DB table, observe that this list does from time to time change as nations are produced, re-named or merged, so although it's not so frequent, you need to do must keep it up-to-date, as well as importantly, understand what you are going related to codes which become obsolete (ie if you have mix-references into it using their company tables, you cannot just remove an archive without making the mix-references invalid)


You comment that you are searching for a condition list.

This phrase "condition list" is confusing. Are you currently while using word "condition" since it's used in america. Other nations would make reference to individuals as provinces, regions, areas, cantons, or a variety of other terms.

More to the point, very couple of nations have codes for his or her individual regions.

For instance, the United kingdom is damaged into areas for example Yorkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, but there isn't any codes that map to those names. You will find short abbreviated versions of a few of the names (ie 'Hants'=='Hampshire'), but they are colloquial abbreviations definitely not official. You will find also United kingdom postcodes that provide codes for areas, however these don't map to named areas. Along with other nations don't have that.

There's a hyperlink to some stand out spreadsheet of all of the country and condition information.

Do a google search for: php country abbreviations list

Here's the very first link: