I've a number of RewriteRules during my .htaccess that appears such as this

RewriteRule ^something/(\d+)/start    /index.php?ix=$1
RewriteRule ^embed/something/(\d+)/start    /index.php?ix=$1&fEmbed=1

The only real distinction between both of these may be the leading "embed/", so I believed it might be advantageous to mix these right into a single RewriteRule. My attempts are stuck at

RewriteRule ^(embed/)?something/(\d+)/start    /index.php?ix=$2&fEmbed=$1

Which sets "&fEmbed=embed/", which is really not things i want. I wish to assess the items in $1, and output different things (namely "1").

Any ideas of how to overcome this while mixing the very first two RewriteRules right into a single RewriteRule?

It ought to be two rules, however they should not perform the same factor. This is untested, but hopefully the intention is obvious, whether it does not work "out-of-the-box":

RewriteRule ^(embed/)?something/(\d+)/start$    /index.php?ix=$2
RewriteRule ^embed/(.*)    $1&fEmbed=1

I am presuming "/start" is definitely in the finish from the URL. Otherwise then it is a little harder.

EDIT: Reading through Vegard's comment I am convinced that maybe it may be handled by changing the guidelines:

RewriteRule ^embed/(.*)    $1&fEmbed=1
RewriteRule ^something/(\d+)/start    /index.php?ix=$1

But nonetheless, it is dependent on real-world programs if this works or otherwise.

Dealing with PEZ' idea, this is exactly what I emerged with:

RewriteRule ^something/(\d+)/start(&fEmbed=1)?    /index.php?ixQuiz=$1&fStart=1$2
RewriteRule ^embed/(.*)                         $1&fEmbed=1

Not so, pretty, however it works. I'm able to are in possession of multiple rules that begin with "something/", and all are prefixable by utilizing "embed/".