I am unsure if this sounds like possible, but I've got a question that I must get clarified. Things I did is created a custom loop on certain pages. The products within this loop have numerous groups, and that i have setup a function to show individuals groups around the single page. However, from the couple of particular pages, Among the finest a static category to become displayed rather than all of the possible groups. It is possible to way to determine the previous page and apply something according to that, type of such as this:

if (is_single() && previous_page_is('about')) { 
//stuff here

Clearly there's not really a previous_page_is tag, but can there be something will be able to do this would mimic this functionality?

Thanks, Thomas

I believe you could utilize $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] ( http://www.php.net/manual/en/reserved.variables.server.php ) after which if it's needed use get_posts or get_page to retrieve the page that because this slug..