Apache URL rewrite logic could be written in both conf or .htaccess file. Which is much more appropriate, that occasion? And let us say I've .htaccess during my web root directory, and I've got a conf file defined on Apache/conf directory also, which file will start working first?

To deal with only one a part of your question: if you do not require the elevated versatility of the .htaccess file in various sites, avoid using them they decelerate processing of demands.

.htaccess file resides within the root folder, and may be easily replicated to a different destination along with web the web pages. Conf file might not continually be available in a located atmosphere.

The .conf file mod_rewrite directives will occur first -- prior to the URL-to-filename translation phase. However for many instances, that difference is going to be minimal. You will find performance factors, however they only really affect very heavily trafficked sites or underpowered hardware.