I have setup a Mercurial server on the Home windows 2003 / IIS 6 machine so when I attempt to drag the repository I recieve the next sequence

asking for all changes

adding changesets

adding manifests

adding file changes

transaction abort!

rollback completed

abort: premature EOF reading through chunk (got 91303 bytes, expected 1542634)

I have attempted virtually everything I'm able to think about, but without results. I adopted the steps of Jeremy Skinners guide on doing the work for IIS7, but with an IIS6 server.

I discovered a publish in which the author was going through exactly the same problem, but was not able to locate a solution.

To date it's such as the option would be emigrate to Apache or upgrade to Home windows 2008/II7 .. but when someone understands how to solve this, please tell me

I'll answer that one myself.

The issue switched to be that there's a CGI script timeout of 5 minutes in IIS 6 (and below, unsure about 7) which was what stored being hit. To alter the timeout value you need the IIS 6 Resource Package installed.

Once installed, start the MetaBase Explorer utility and navigate to LMW3SVC and locate the CGITimeout entry and alter the worthiness in the default 300 (5 minutes) to some greater value (I wound up using twenty minutes).

After altering the worthiness I restarted IIS to make certain it had been utilized by the server. Once it has been done, everything labored like no bodies business!

Mix published on my small blog

I've not attempted it yet, there is however this: Running Mercurial on Home windows

Should you scroll lower towards the "Home windows Server 2003/XP" section, I believe which should cover you for IIS 6.

Perhaps you have examined Joel's tutorial? Maybe you will find the solution there.