I personally use continuum 1.2.3 to construct maven projects. On the fresh continuum installation, I added a pom by upload. I attempt to construct, and obtain the next error:

Exception while executing SCM command.

My SCM URL appears like this: (changed domain title)


Any idea what went wrong?


I am speculating the SCM provider could not find your qualifications so unsuccessful. Should you run the build with -X switch it will give more particulars from the failure reason.

Update: in the format for CVS SCM URLs, the expected format for pserver is:


For those who have a : within the path, you need to use | like a separator, possibly on Continuum there's another processing interfering and taking advantage of | will resolve it, e.g.


Presuming that's the reason, you won't want to incorporate your SCM qualifications in released files. You are able to configure Maven to make use of configurations for most of the companies. See this answer for additional particulars.