I've got a server that is online at this time, but requires authentication when being able to access, so it's essentially closed to everybody but me.

Factor is, I'd rather not "Open" the web site towards the public, but I have to test this site on different browsers.

One of the ways is to get it done from websites like browsershots.org, which requires use of this site. But this site is "closed" (requires authentication) from anybody except me.

I've wrinkles during my apache2.conf (or httpd.conf as it's also referred to as):

 <Directory /var/www>
 AuthType Basic
 AuthName "Some  name"
 AuthUserFile "dir/to/some/file"
 Require user some_user

These above enables only use of somebody with username "some_user" along with a passwords that is situated in "dir/to/some/file".

Now, can there be in whatever way to provide accessibility website from the host also?

My issue is like I stated, when attempting to mix-browser check this site from sites which requires an Hyperlink to this site, they all are blocked due to the authentication I've. Must i switch off the authentication to be able to have the ability to mix-browser check?


Should you could verify what Ip they'd be striking your site from, you could utilize a mix of the Allow and Deny directives to make certain that only demands coming initially from from browsershots.org's Ip cope with.


You may create a webpage that shows the site visitors IP, go to your site from browsershots.org, then use that inside your apache config.

How about should you removed the authentication, however added PHP code to limit access by IP, to ensure that the website was just accessible from home? Would that actually work for the reasons? Something similar to this:


Edit: sjobe has got the better plan. Same idea, but that method for you to still let BrowserShots perform the work.