Say no to discuss limited information! I am looking to get my Android application for connecting for an online database to gain access to information. There's a great deal of information including geotags which will be planned on my small application. The developer site has got the very informative bit of information:

You should use the network (when it is available) to keep and retrieve data by yourself web-based services. To complete network procedures, use classes within the following packages:**

Like I stated during my previous question, I am still greatly an android newbie, and seeking to keep in mind my java oop from college is slow. Does anybody have a good example of how this may work, or the way i could implement it? I would not mind even hooking up to some local xml file, basically may find among how to achieve that!? Shall We Be Held just searching in most the incorrect places?!

Help. Please!


How can you intend to connect with the database?

Android enables you need to do to plain socket communication which you'll refresh your understanding of here:

Permanently is always to set up a Relaxation type service and respond with XML. SAX is generally employed for XML parsing in Android:

You should use SAXParser to parse XML in the internet. Here is a tutorial on ways to use the same.